„:metabolon – bergische Rohstoffschmiede. A prototypical approach towards sustainable housing“

The :metabolon project aims to realize two experimental housing prototypes on the site of a waste management plant that illustrate the diverse range of resource-saving, renewable and circular building materials as well as space-saving design and construction methods. Designed as research demonstrators, the model houses exemplify individual work and living spaces with minimal space requirements and efficient, multifunctional use of space. The modular and reversible structure, which is designed as a self-build system, relies on a continuous digital production chain. The model houses are to serve as research demonstrators and examples of an innovative and sustainable architecture, showing both the possibilities of computational methods as well as providing insights into a holistic life cycle approach. This includes the design, planning and construction phases, as well as later operation and subsequent re-use of the building components. Therefore, the monitoring of the buildings in terms of energy consumption, material use and user behavior/comfort is also part of the project scope. In this context, the transformative character of architecture is essentially subject of the research both in relation to the building (building envelope, interior, materials, building services) and in its effect on the users well-being.

Das Forschungsprojekt läuft von 2021 bis 2025.

Prof. Marco Hemmerling
Max Salzberger
Prof. Ulrich Graffelder
Prof. Dr. Arne Künstler
Konstantin Holz
Jan Hennen

2021 – 2025

Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband
bähr Ingenieure GmbH
paXos Consulting & Engineering GmbH

Europäische Union
Regionale 2010/2025