„INTERACT – Laboratory for Architecture, Crafts and Technology“

The INTERACT research focuses on the use of digital planning and manufacturing methods in the construction of self-build projects based on wooden structures. The goal is the interdisciplinary development and realization of a prototypical laboratory on the University campus in Deutz. At the intersection of craftsmanship and architecture, the project aims to generate, collect and share interdisciplinary knowledge. The transfer of information and knowledge between different professions in the construction industry is strengthened by the extensive use of digital information technologies throughout the entire development process. The INTERACT Lab is intended to function as a hybrid learning and research space on the campus, thus uniting theory and practice. In it, the structural, informational, digital, social and conceptual spaces overlap and as such the building provides a place for innovation and exchange. The laboratory is intended to be both an experimental playground and a workspace suitable for everyday use. In addition, the project is intended to make the concept of networked learning and research visible on the campus and beyond the academic boundaries.

Das Forschungsprojekt läuft von 2019 bis 2025.

Prof. Marco Hemmerling
M.A. Max Salzberger
Michael Lautwein

2019 – 2025

Stifterverband NRW

Handwerkskammer zu Köln